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There is a Board Of Directors that manages the business of the Agency including but not limited to responsibility for the policy and general administration of the affairs of the agency.

The Board comprises of eight members and a recording secretary. The Board is led by a chair person, who presently is Mr. Said Perdomo. It has a representative in the Ministry of Tourism in the person of CEO Tracy Taegar Panton, and the deputy chairperson, Mr. Simon Reardon Smith. The recording secretary is Miss Angelica Luna. Other Directors are Kevin Gonzalez, CEO George Lovell of the Ministry of National Security, John Greif IV and His Excellency Arun Honchadanie.

A Chief Executive Officer called the “ General Manager” is appointed with the approval of the Minister. This position is presently held by Honorable Gonzalo Rosado JP who is responsible for the day to day administration of the agency and executes the directives and decisions of the Board of Directors.

Border Management Agency is under the umbrella of the Ministry of Tourism. The Minister of Tourism is fully aware of all activities within the agency and as stipulated within the Act for the Agency he has the final approval in many of its affairs. The present Minister of Tourism is the Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. who is the representative for the electoral division Belize Rural South. The Ministry of Tourism also encompasses the Belize Tourism Board which works in conjunction with BMA for ensuring the provision of excellent service to all persons traveling through our borders.

The Agency is fully integrated into the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Organizational Structure of the Agency at the Northern Border

BMA Organizational Structure

BMA Board of DirectorsHonourable Dean Oliver Barrow
Prime Minister
BMA Board of DirectorsCABINET
Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Boarder Management Agency
Minister of Tourism
Board Of Directors

BMA Board of DirectorsSaid Perdomo

BMA Board of DirectorsTracy Taegar Panton - Ministry of Tourism Representative
BMA Board of DirectorsSimon Reardon Smith
Deputy Chairperson
BMA Board of DirectorsKevin Gonzalez

BMA Board of DirectorsJohn Greif
A PACT Representative

BMA Board of DirectorsAngelica Luna
Recording Secretary
BMA Board of DirectorsGeroge Lovell
BMA Board of Directors Gonzalo Rosado
General Manager
BMA Board of DirectorsNaivi Ayala
Northern Site Manager
BMA Board of DirectorsVicente Shal
Punta Gorda Point of Entry Site
BMA Board of DirectorsRolando Leon
Western Site Manager

The support staff of the agency at the Border Points is composed of the following:

Cashiers – these are all Officers who in-charge of collecting monies on behalf of the Agency

BMA Cashiers BMA Cashiers

Hospitality Officers – these are all Officers who are frontline in dealing with the public at the check points, directing traffic, controlling gates, monitoring the public for compliance and security.

BMA Cashiers BMA Cashiers
BMA Cashiers

Cargo Officers – these are Officers who operate within the cargo compound collecting fees, controlling gates, and assisting all around the cargo compound.

BMA Cashiers BMA Cashiers
BMA Cashiers

Night Security Officer – this Officer maintains vigilance at the Cargo Compound when operations cease in the evening and until they commence again in the morning.

Yard Maintenance Officers – these Officers maintain the compound dealing with garbage, landscaping, clearing the brush, and assisting with minor fixtures dealing with carpentry, plumbing, masonry, electrical matters, etc.

BMA Cashiers BMA Cashiers

House Keepers – these Officers maintain the hygienic operations within the buildings including floor, kitchen, bathrooms, Offices, and booths.

BMA Cashiers BMA Cashiers


Traffic Directors – these are officers that direct traffic, collect parking fees, and generally assist motorists and pedestrians at the border points.

All Officers wear a green shirt, black pants/skirt, black shoes, and Official Badges on both sleeves with the logo of the agency.


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