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Border Management Agency (BMA) evolved from the desire of the Belizean People and Government to gradually upgrade to the highest level the service provided to our visiting tourists, guests and Belizean people at our borders.

To provide the most excellent service to the Belizean people, regional and international tourists, and guests visiting our country and departing our country; to enhance the capability of the different border dependencies operating at our border stations such as customs, immigration, police, customs, etc. by providing the necessary infrastructure and utility services for their optimum performance for the satisfaction of all; safeguard, maintain and develop all our natural resources and infrastructure at our border stations for the benefit of the Belizean people and visiting guests, regional, and international tourist at large; ensuring the transparent and accountable collection of revenue for the Belizean People and Government via the services provided and the collection of all departure taxes for its reinvestment into our borders and services provided.

Border Management Agency looks forward to expanding and keeping pace with world tourism and the global village concept to provide the greatest experience to all visitors entering and departing Belize promoting, developing, maintaining, securing and monitoring our borders where safety, security, pleasure and pleasant memories are synonymous to the border experience desired by all through hospitality; excellent services; accountability and re-investment of all revenues generated at our points of entry.

Our borders are the ante room to our embassies both at home and abroad enabling us to provide to all visitors a preview of the friendliness and hospitality of the Belizean people. All people traversing through our borders should enjoy the experience, depart and return with a longing to stay and enjoy our country. We aim for all to have a memorable and unforgettable experience at arrival and departure from our beloved country. We shall serve and provide the most excellent service to all.

The Border Management Agency is a body duly incorporated under the Border Management Agency Act, referred to as “BMA”, chapter 144 of the Laws of Belize revised edition 2000. Border management operations began in 1999 where upon technical and community consultation processes began for the construction of new facilities. The research and analysis exercises provided the government with the data that facilitated the introduction of new legislation for the management and administration of Belize’s Port Of Entry (POE). These ports of entry presently include the Western Border with Guatemala approximately one mile from Benque Viejo del Carmen Town in the Cayo District, the Santa Elena Border with Mexico at our Northern Border in the Corozal District and the Punta Gorda Point of Entry in Punta Gorda Town in the Toledo District.

Border Management Agency began operations at the Punta Gorda Point of Entry (POE) on the 2nd of June, 2009. The Senior Supervisor In-Charge is Mr. Vicente Shal. It is a point of entry with its unique characteristics. It is located along the coast, hence arriving and departing travellers do so by scheduled boats from the neighbouring Guatemalan municipality Port of Puerto Barrios. On occasion there are visiting yachts. The POE shall see future touristic developments in the coming years. Similar fees to the other border points are charged at this POE including Departure Tax, Pact Fee, parking fees, vehicle entry fees, and cargo inspection fees. Our personnel shall exemplify to you the warm love and friendliness of the south of Belize.

All our partners and stakeholders function within a new building that offers all necessary services and blends in with the beautiful scenery that can give you the most spell bounding sunrise or exhilarate your spirit with the embracing sea breeze. It is a most interesting point to enter or depart our country. This POE gives you an opportunity to explore the exotic Toledo District of our country where your memorable farewell or mesmerizing welcome shall be indelibly etched in your memory. The team to ensure your vacation dream comes true comprises of Immigration Officers, Custom Officers, Port Authority, Belize Agricultural Health Authority and Border Management Officers.

In the future we expect to have border management operations at La Union at Blue Creek, and Santa Cruz, which are two northern connections with Mexico in the Orange Walk District, where formal border operation are now demanded by the sheer volume of traffic both of human flow and cargo movement exiting and entering Belize. Jalacte in the southern district of Toledo is another point where Border Management Agency will be poised to fulfill its mandate and obligations in terms developing that point of entry in the near future as that eventuality is inescapable.

Border Management Agency looks forward to expanding and keeping pace with the developing world and the global village concept to provide the greatest experience to all visitors coming and departing Belize.
Functions of the Agency
Summarizing as succinctly as is possible, the key functions of the Agency to fulfil its mission under the Border

Management Agency Act are:

  • To provide high quality, efficient administration and control of prescribed border points and related services on a financially viable medium ensuring self sustainability of the Agency.
  • To provide and maintain such services and facilities as are in its opinion necessary or desirable for the efficient operation of prescribed border points.
  • To provide for border security
  • To work in collaboration with counterparts including Customs, Immigration, Police and other affiliates of interest to the Agency.
  • To provide or to coordinate the provisions of emergency services, including rescue and fire fighting services at prescribed border points.
  • To promote, develop and maintain the border points entrusted under its care ensuring accountability and reinvestments of its revenues generated at the border points, including a continuous outlook for other sources of revenue via new border developments as world affairs and events demand it for self reliance.
  • Following its Slogan, Philosophy, Mission and Vision the Agency is fully integrated into the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation.

    Organizational Structure of the Agency at the Northern BorderBMA Organizational Structure


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