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Punta Gorda Point of Entry:

Border Management Agency began operations at the Punta Gorda Point of Entry (POE) on the 2nd of June, 2009. The Senior Supervisor In Charge is Mr. Vicente Shal. It is a point of entry with its unique characteristics. It is located along the coast, hence arriving and departing travelers do so by scheduled boats from the neighboring Guatemalan municipality Port of Puerto Barrios. On occasion there are visiting yachts. The POE shall see future tourist developments in the coming years. Similar fees to the other border points are charged at this POE including Departure Tax, Pact Fee, parking fees, vehicle entry fees, and cargo inspection fees. Our personnel shall exemplify to you the warm love and friendliness of the south of Belize. All our partners and stakeholders function within a new building that offers all necessary services and blends in with the beautiful scenery that can give you the most spell bounding sunrise or exhilarate your spirit with the embracing sea breeze. It is a most interesting point to enter or depart our country. This POE gives you an opportunity to explore the exotic Toledo District of our country where your memorable farewell or mesmerizing welcome shall be indelibly etched in your memory. The team to ensure your vacation dream comes true comprises of Immigration Officers, Custom Officers, and Border Management Officers.

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